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Ashapura MidGulf NV (AMNV)

Ashapura MidGulf NV (AMNV) is a solely owned Ashapura facility with the sole intention of catering to the European market in a better way with our range of value added mineral products in a tailor made fashion.

Ashapura group

Ashapura Group, India's largest multi-mineral solutions provider since 1960. Its flagship company Ashapura Minechem Ltd. is listed on India's premier exchanges. The multinational group has mining & mineral processing facilities in Belgium, Nigeria, Oman and Malaysia; in India it operates from Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa and several other places.

The Ashapura Group is one of the largest exporters of traded Bauxite in the world and is amongst the world's top five Bentonite processing companies. Ashapura also dominates the value added segments in the country for Bleaching Clay, Geosynthetic Clay Liners, Clay Catalysts and Calcined Bauxite.

Ashapura is among the few mining companies that offers comprehensive facilities under a single roof. Our proximity to ports and the fact that we own our own port and fleet of ships give us the competitive edge in today’s market place where costs and time are of the essence. Proximity to all weather ports has been one of the major strengths of Ashapura in bulk mineral business. Ashapura’s mines are located in west coast of India in state of Gujarat with a massive reserve for Bentonite of around 60 million tons,

About Ashapura Volclay Limited

Ashapura Volclay Limited (AVL) is a joint venture between Ashapura Minechem Ltd & AMCOL Int. Corp of USA for manufacturing Bentonite and Clay based value added products in India. Bleaching Earth Manufacturing Plant at Bhuj is the world's second largest single location for Bentonite based Bleaching Earth manufacturing facility. The plant was set up with Technology from Mizusawa Industrial Chemicals Limited, Japan and is a joint venture of Ashapura Minechem Ltd. and AMCOL Corporation, USA. The plant uses the world-class and unique filterless technology to manufacture our successful Bleaching Earth: Galleon V2 & V2 Super. This plant is a pioneering Bleaching Earth project in India and also manufactures the renowned ACTAL Grade of catalyst for the petrochemical industry.