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Other minerals

1) Attapulgite

Attapulgite Mg5Si8O20(HO)2(OH2)4• a kind of crystalloid hydrous magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral present in the shape of needles, fibers or fibrous clusters. Attapulgite has very good colloidal properties along with certain plastic and adhesive characters. Attapulgite has various applications which includes Colloidal applications, Foundry Coatings , Adhesives, sealants and putting, Oil well drilling mud, Thickening and gelling liquids, binding, filling, sorptive uses ecolorization, paper reclaiming, conditioning, pesticides carriers, filter aid, pharmaceutical uses, cleansing products, catalytic applications and many more.

2) Barites

Barytes (or barite) is the naturally occurring mineral form of barium sulphate. Its main properties are its high specific gravity (4.5), very low solubility; it is non-toxic, and also chemically and physically unreactive. It is mainly used in oil-well drilling and it is estimated that 90% of the barytes produced in the world is used only for drilling purposes. It is also found useful in the manufacture of white pigment or extender in pigments and barium chemicals, in the glass industry and as filler in rubber, leather, textile and paper goods.

3) Clay Granules

4) Feldspar

5) Quartz

6) Ball Clay

7) Cat Litter

8) Clean Flow

9) Bio-Green Granules

10) Sand