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Bleaching Earth

  • Reach Registration of Acid leached Bentonite 

            Registration No - 01-2119485596-21-0022

Bleaching Earth manufactured from the best quality, selectively mined and scientifically blended Montmorillonite clays under stringent process controls is usually highly plastic, sedimentary clays or clay-like earthy material used to decolorize, filter, and purify animal, mineral, and vegetable oils and greases. While making Bleaching Earth special care is taken in maintaining the important properties like absorptive capacity, acid properties, catalytic properties, ion exchange capacity and particle size distribution.

Ashapura's Bleaching Earth has made a huge impact in the edible oil refining segment due to its high quality standards, global networks and cost-effectiveness.

Galleon Grade

Bleaching Earth of highest bleachability and filterability for difficult-to-bleach oil fats and oils such as Castor, Palm, Linseed, Rapeseed, Fish, Soyabean, Cottonseed, Rice Bran and Olive. It exhibits high performance in both Chemical and Physical refining of edible oil.

Physical Properties Galleon Earth V2 Special Galleon Earth V2 Galleon Earth V2 Super
Bulk density 0.6 gm/ml (± 0.1) 0.6 gm/ml (± 0.1) 0.6 gm/ml (± 0.1)
Moisture @ 110'c 15 max 15 max 15 max
pH ( 5 % suspension) 3 - 4.5 2.8 - 3.5 2.8 - 3.5
Residual Acidity (mgKOH/g) 2.5 (± 1) 2.5 (± 1) 2.5 (± 1)
Acidity (%H2SO4) 0.4 % max 0.4 % max 0.4 % max

Unmatched Advantages of Galleon Earth

Higher Bleaching Efficiency

Effective removal of chlorophyll, carotenes and other coloring pigments.

Lower Dosage

Higher active surface area results in improved bleaching capacity using less quantity of clay.

Higher Absorbing Capacity

Effectively removes soap content, phosphatides, peroxides and metal traces due to large pore diameter, pore volume and surface area.

Toxin Free

Contains no mineral acids that can damage the oil.

Dioxin & Heavy Metals Free

Confirms to the FEDIOL standards of the EU.

Captive Reserves

Consistent supply of quality raw material from captive reserves estimated at 34 Million MT.