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Industrial applications

Iron Ore Pelletizing

  • High water absorbing capacity
  • High Montmorrilonite content
  • Low controlled moisture
  • Extremely low silica, low alimina and high ferric oxide – chemical characteristics that have a positive effect on the pellet chemistry


  • High green and dry strength
  • Develops good flow ability with optimum tempering water
  • Easier to develop sharp, strong mould edges and corners
  • High thermal stability and low rejects
  • High cohesive strength, good ramability and maintains mould strength in pressure casting

Construction and Civil Engineering

  • Products based on natural sodium bentonite
  • Extensively used in stabilized excavation
  • Fine particle size penetrates deep into cleavages and cracks to clog pores
  • Thixotropic properties retained even in highly saline conditions

Oil and Drilling

  • Strictly confirms to API specification
  • Available in various packing modes
  • Prompt supply

Paper Industry

  • Integrated and Selectively mined and manufactured and Precision milled Bentonite product
  • Large surface area
  • Modified for optimum performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to apply